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Jamie Carragher explains why he fears for Arsenal and Arteta next season


Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher has stated that he fears for Arsenal following their 2-0 loss against Newcastle United in the Premier League on Monday and their inability to finish in the top 4 this season.

Arsenal went into the game needing a win to go one point above their rivals Tottenham heading into the last game of the season.

However, Mikel Arteta’s side were completely dominated by a rejuvenated Newcastle team and lost the game 2-0.

Speaking after the game, Carragher stated that the Gunners being unable to make use of their advantage in the race for the top 4 has left him fearing for Mikel Arteta’s side next season.

He told Sky Sports, as reported by The Independent:

“Yes, it is over [for Arsenal] and I think that’s a massive problem, [and] not just this season.

I think it’s a huge problem for Mikel Arteta and this Arsenal team going forward. They will be in the Europa League next season, playing Thursday-Sunday.

They’ve had a big opportunity this season having no European football. That was a big advantage for them.

They are not in the best four sides in the country but they had an advantage on the other teams and they still haven’t made it. I do really fear for Arsenal and Mikel Arteta next season, that’s a real bad one tonight.”

Arteta’s side will host Everton on Sunday, while Tottenham will travel to bottom of the league Norwich.

The Gunners will need to win their game and hope that their rivals lose in order to finish in the top 4 this season.

Gary Neville also chimed in with his opinion on the Gunners’ performance and the significance of the defeat to Newcastle. He said:

“It’s a bad one. I remember United losing that Europa League final against Villarreal and thinking it was more than just a defeat in the final.

The body language of those Arsenal players at the end tells you it is more than just a defeat. It is a big one for them.

I never fully trusted them to get top four all the way through, to be honest with you. It shows us where they are at.

They got schooled on Thursday at Tottenham, they’ve lacked experience tonight on and off the pitch. That will cause them a big problem tonight.”


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